Important Announcements for 2019-2020 Academic Year


Occupational Health and Safety courses are to be offered on-line under the codes MUH103 (Fall Term) and MUH104 (Spring Term).

Previously offered HAS222 and HAS223 are not going to be offered in the Fall 2019 Term. Students who were, successful in HAS222 are not responsible for MUH103, successful in HAS223 are not responsible for MUH104. Students, who failed in HAS22 are to be registered to MUH103, who failed in HAS223 to MUH104.

Given the term based limitations on the ECTS credits, we encourage 1st year students to get enrolled in MUH103, this 2019 Fall semester.



A new mandatory course has been added to the curriculum: MUH401, Multi-Disciplinary Project Study. All 4th year students should register to MUH401, where they are going to work on a project together with the students of the Industrial Engineering Department and then make an oral presentation. We would like to remind that this course is mandatory.



Elective courses to be offered in the Fall 2019 Semester for our Department are listed below.

  • NEM203

  • NEM205

  • NEM317

  • NEM355

  • NEM364

  • NEM451

  • NEM467

  • İST299 (a session will be dedicated to our Department).

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