Nuclear Engineering Department Introduction Videos
Müdek Accreditation
Nuclear Engineering Department Accredited by MUDEK.
The Department of Nuclear Engineering, established in 1977 as one of the institutes of the graduate school, initiated its undergraduate program in 1982.
The Department of Nuclear Engineering at Hacettepe University is the first department in Turkey which offers an undergraduate degree in the field of nuclear engineering. The Main-Science-Branches are Nuclear Sciences and Nuclear Technology.


The first two years of undergraduate study serve as a preparatory period for the next two years. During the first two years, students complete the required courses in mathematics, computer programming, classical, modern and nuclear physics, electronics, thermodynamics, and materials science. In the third year, along with numerical analysis, heat transfer and fluid mechanics; introductory courses in nuclear engineering are offered. The fourth year is reserved for detailed analysis of reactor systems; nuclear fuel cycle, nuclear materials and courses in nuclear reactor analysis, control and design are offered.

As of the 2nd year of the educational program, each semester, students are required to take a different project course and encouraged to take active part in research. By use of computer codes such as FLUENT, ANSYS, MCNP and ORIGEN; analyses and simulations of engineering systems are performed and solutions to current problems related to nuclear technology are sought. The technological problems of energy production by fission receive primary emphasis. Practical training for eight weeks is mandated.

The language of education is English. Students who cannot pass the English-Proficiency exam must attend the preparatory school for at least one semester.

Job Opportunities

A significant number of our graduates have gone abroad for graduate study. Many reputable universities worldwide (mostly the U.S.) accept our graduates with necessary qualifications as research and/or teaching assistants. To see a list of universities and institutes to which our graduates have been admitted, press here.

Some of our graduates who have received graduate degrees abroad have been working for leading international companies, research facilities and institutes. In Turkey, many of our graduates are employed as engineers and researchers at Turkish Atomic Energy Authority, at  Electricity Generation and Transmission Companies, and in private sector; and a considerable number work as academicians at universities. To reach a list of companies and institutions for which our graduates work, press here.